Hey guys!

What’s BIG THUD about? Big Thud is an open love letter to friendship, the city of Philadelphia, LGBTQ community and the Philadelphia comedy scene. We both studied improv and comedy for the last 10 years and we wrote a web series about our friendship and all the crazy stuff that has happened to us over the last three years. Big Thud is something special to both Madison and I; we want it to brighten somebodies day if they had a bad one…it to teach somebody something new, make you laugh, feel empowered and see the magic for the 10-30 mins. (We’re not sure how long we want it to be) Whomever we chose to trust with this passion project we hope you are proud of the story and the vision we’re trying to create. We need someone who will be able to do a everyday look to glam.

We do not have the concrete dates set for filming yet, we just want to see who would be interested in helping us make this happen. We promise it’s not going to be everyday for the next two months we just want to know who’s available. If you are interested please send us your portfolio, pictures of makeup you’ve done,contact information and availability. We are really excited and hope to hear from you soon!

With light and love