LEAD FEMALE – MJ – African American (25-39) MJ is a talented singer-songwriter willing to do whatever it takes to become a star. Loves working with kids has a heart of gold.

LEAD MALE – DAVID – African American, (28-39) David is a local mechanic with a dream to open his own shop one day. Heart of gold but beat down from the frustration of trying to get his dream off the ground.

SUPPORTING – DEBRA – Any ethnicity, (28-39) Debra is a bartender, she’s MJ’s best friend, feisty but caring, she sticks by MJ’s side no matter what.

SUPPORTING – ALLEN – Any ethnicity, (30-45) Allen is a fashion photographer, arrogant, knows what he wants, known for discovering talent.

ALSO looking for kids 7-12

MODELS of all ethnicities shapes and sizes