I am looking for a producer for my next upcoming film, WEEB. In my previous project, I have done everything myself in terms of directing, producing, and writing the short film. The short film was shot on a blackmagic camera with 3 actors in 2 locations and the duration of the film is approximately 10 minutes. With this project, I want to take a more ambitious approach so working on multiple roles for this film does not seem possible anymore.

As a producer, I hope we could both go over the script thoroughly and hope you could help me assist on finding actors, locations, and work together to get funding for the project or someone that is interested. This short film will be showcased in many local Philadelphia Film festivals including Asian film festival in Philadelphia and many more.

Description of the Short Film: This story takes a Quentin Tarantino approach in which plays around with non-linear story structure and very witty dialogue like Woody Allen. It’s about a kid that works in a pizzeria that happens to fall in love with a anti-social girl that is immersed in Japanese media who happens to lock herself in her house. The story spirals into a unexpected thriller in which the nerdy girl is not just nerdy, but also has a”Jeffrey Dahmer” personality and psychotic nature.

I am planning to shoot this film around the end of December or the beginning of January.

Requirements: Must have some experience in producing and have a flexible schedule.

If you are interested, please email me at Jamesharold1738@gmail.com