Families, kids and all ages are welcome!

Emmy and Golden Globe nominated producer Doug Claybourne, (The Fast and The Furious, The Mask of Zorro, Rumble Fish) is seeking POC (people of color) EXTRAS to work with us on our non-profit short film. This is a racial equity and inclusion, original fairytale for K-6 kids. Our intent is to make something unique and memorable for kids and bring this film to K-6 classrooms to encourage kids to talk about their heroes, diversity and race.

One line: “Once upon a time a Brown Princess saves a Prince and his entire multi-colored kingdom from a White Wizard and his evil cohort trying to take control of the realm.”

George Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson recently made a key donation from the Lucas/Hobson Family Foundation allowing us to move forward. Ziggy Marley has provided music for the teaser and the film.

DATE: Tuesday, July 27th
TESTING DATE: Saturday, July 24th
LOCATION: Arcadia University

If interested, please send in your resume and headshot(s) to samanthaktan@gmail.com. If you are submitting an application for yourself and your family members, please send in their headshots/pictures in the same email.