Looking for Writer/Director to collaborate on an episode for series on Body Image

Imperfect the Series is a collection of narrative shorts that explore different elements of body image one character at a time. Episodes range from 9-12 minutes in length per episode and display a unique character with an individual conflict relating to body-image. Each episode features a unique writer, director, and cinematographer that relates to or advocates for the subject of the episode. Episodes topics include but are not limited to shape, size, gender and gender identity, race, and disability.

Position is a volunteer and unpaid, however, deferred payment is an option for negotiation once episode goes into a festival run or is sold. Episode production is set for the early to mid Spring 2020.

There is a current script for disability episode underway, however, changes in episode subject are open to discussion. The end goal of episode is to not only have cast members with disabilities in front of the camera but to have disabilities represented behind the camera as well through Director and Director of Photography.

If interested please contact Kathryn R Foley at imperfecttheseries@gmail.com for more information.