Are you a filmmaker, graphic designer, producer (film or music), or photographer and do freelance? Have you had trouble finding a team to work with? Do you want to do more?

If yes, You may be a perfect candidate for our team! We’re WinMore Productions, a start-up multimedia production company based in South Jersey. Our mission is to bring together passionate people, with passionate creators. The goal of the company is to grow and constantly create, Giving jobs to creators of all types, and working with local small businesses, events, and individuals who all want creative work done. The need for creative work isn’t going away even in these crazy times.

We offer services focused on video, photography, and graphic design. We do projects including designing logos for businesses, full production for promotional videos, wedding videography and editing, photoshoots, short films, and more.

We are looking for motivated, passionate, young, creators with all kinds of talents. We need filmmakers, photographers, editors, and graphic designers willing to learn and work with us to build up this company.

If you think that we’re the team for you, send us an email with your experiences and any work you’ve done

Looking forward to hearing from you!