ALLISON-Best friend to Valerie, nondescript female 25-32 age range
BARRY- Detective and partner to David, smart and a smart ass. Provides a level of comic relief in the drama
DARLANNE-A prostitute
DAVID-Male lead, 28-35 age range, Looking for someone who resembles Brandon Lee and has similar charisma
DJ-A disc jockey who works at the exotic dance club
HOMELESS MAN-Witnesses Valerie’s revenge on an unsuspecting perpetrator
JEFFREY STOCKWELL- Scumbag that haunts Allison
JOHNNY-Valerie’s Father, died of cancer at the age of 45, was best friends with Lieutenant Hooker
JOY-Valerie’s mother, a broken woman whom has suffered her own abuse at a young age and deflects it onto Valerie
LIEUTENANT HOOKER-Guardian and Godfather to Valerie, Johnny’s best friend. Age range 45-55, withered and hardened cop.
MAN-Perpetrator, nondescript
MANNY-Auto mechanic with a dark secret and comes to cross paths with Valerie
MRS. TAYLOR-a young woman who was victim of assault
MURPHY-Police Detective and partner to Stanley. Much younger than Stanley.
RAVEN-Exotic Dancer
ROBERT-One of Valerie’s attackers sending her on her path of revenge. Age range 25-35
STANLEY-Police Detective ready for his retirement, Age 55-62, partners with Murphy and helps David and Barry on their case
TUESDAY-A prostitute
TYLER-One of Valerie’s attackers, nondescript, 25-32 age range
WOMAN-a victim that Valerie saves, 25-40 age range nondescript