**PAID OPPORTUNITY (low budget)**

In search of Camera operator for Tuesday, July 27th. Must have a valid COVID result as early as July 23rd. Need to know how to work with the RED and pull focus with prime lens.

Runner PA for July 26th to August 1st. Zone A cast and crew are quarantined together during shooting for COVID safety. Runner PA will not be living with us and must be available to go out on runs for Zone A team. Must have reliable transportation/car.

Shooting at Arcadia University and New Hope, PA

Email resumes and work samples to samanthaktan@gmail.com

Emmy and Golden Globe nominated producer Doug Claybourne, (The Fast and The Furious, The Mask of Zorro, Rumble Fish) is seeking crew to work with us on our non-profit, low budget short. This is a racial equity and inclusion, original fairytale for K-6 kids. We will bring this film to K-6 classrooms to encourage kids to talk about their heroes, diversity and race.

One line: “Once upon a time a Brown Princess saves a Prince and his entire multi-colored kingdom from a White Wizard and his evil cohort trying to take control of the realm.”