I am currently seeking local trained actors for a short Christmas film that revolves around a young woman who returns to her hometown for the holiday’s to care for her Mother, who has acquired an inexplicable illness after running into a strange man in a park.

Shooting will take place in and around Center City Philadelphia on Dec. 7th and 8th. Since this is a small project, all actors will be responsible for their own hair, make up, and wardrobe, and must have full availability on both dates so that call times can be conveniently swapped during the day if need be. *Compensation includes name credit, meals on set, reel footage, and local transportation if needed.

If interested, please send a Headshot, Resume, and Recorded Monologue or Film Reel (with dialogue) to kldmichael1@gmail.com.

*Must have a Recorded Monologue or Reel for full consideration.

Current Roles:

Grace Abram (Lead 18-30) – A young woman who has left home after high school, and hasn’t returned since due to a bad relationship with her mother.

Pepper (Lead 18-30) – A short young woman/ride share driver (with a British accent), raised by a family that celebrates Christmas all year long, who is only in town for Christmas eve, and befriends Grace in her time of need and reminds her what Christmas is all about.

Carol Abram (Supporting 35-45) – A recently widowed wealthy Mother of one (Grace), who despises Christmas.

Mrs. Holly Dilber (Supporting 45-60) – The family Nanny (with a British accent), who loves Christmas and believes in all it’s magic and superstitions.

Family Physician (Walk-on 35-50) – An older gentleman who briefly checks on Carol, and explains to Mrs. Dilber what he believes to be wrong with her and how it should be treated.

Strange Man (Walk-on 18-40) – A strange man who quickly approaches Carol in a park just moments before she becomes ill.

*Additional information regarding this project will only be provided to selected applicants!