Audition Deadline: Weds February 20, 2019 at 3PM est
Callback Date (Requests for Tapes or additional material): Rolling


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (South Philadelphia/Center City area)
Rate: Unpaid/Volunteer. Resume/screen/imdb credit, networking opportunity.

There will be no physical auditions; only URL links or video files (mov. Or mp4).

Submission Instructions:

Please submit headshots/photos, resumes, reels, performance clips, and/or taped monologues immediately to the contact listed above. Alternatively, talent may improv in character and send a tape of 1-3 minutes.

Open Roles Include:

Any Ethnicity, Male or Female, age 9-13. A Generation Z’er who rocks the latest fashions and stays glued to their devices. Always rocks out to the latest popular music in their oversized headphones — no matter where they are or who they’re with. Respectful to elders, but stuck in their own world. Lead.

Any Ethnicity, Female or Male, age 13-16. An aspiring opera diva/divo who refuses to allow their older sibling to stop them from achieving their dreams. The ability to sing, preferably operatic style notes is a plus, but not required. Lead.

Any Ethnicity, Male or Female, age 14-17. Athletic. The sarcastic older sibling whose younger sibling’s very presence annoys them to no end. Lead.

Any Ethnicity, Female, 24-30. Lawyer/Executive type, hardworking. Talent must be comfortable with on screen kissing and hugging. Lead.

Notes: This slate of projects is being produced and directed by an award-winning team of filmmaking and musical artists for a Philadelphia based museum. It will primarily be featured on the world wide web. It may also be exhibited publicly at film festivals/showcases and/or via other broadcast sources.