NYC based production crew with recent NYU film graduates.

Casting for a proof of concept film shoot in Pennsylvania. A young girl wakes to see a family of bunnies with her grandfather to meet a tragic end.

Rehearsals done remotely. Filming on location in Malvern, Pennsylvania

DAISY (4-7yrs)
Daisy is a curious young girl who sees only beauty in the world. She is close to her grandfather and looks up to him for his connection to nature. She is very sweet and represents a very pure innocence, somewhat like a ray of light from heaven above.

ELDERLY MAN (60-90yrs)
A weathered and wise older man with a soft spot for his granddaughter Daisy. Nurturing her idyllic perspective on the world, he wants to share his love of nature.

Unpaid – meals and travel (if necessary) provided as well as reel material. The goal of the shoot is to support a feature production so further collaboration is a possibility. This is a very small, self-funded project in pursuit of a grander goal – we are looking for cast that can be a part of our vision for the future of ‘Baby Bunny Blues’.