Paradigm TV is looking for an actress/model to Star in a Short Film Music Video.

Synopsis: This video tells a deep story that starts out with the artist on a date with the woman of his dreams only to wake up and find out that he was only dreaming. Still surprised from how realistic the dream felt, he stumbles upon something in real life that he saw in the dream. The next night he has another dream with this same woman who gives him more clues to follow in real life. This leaves him rushing back to sleep to see her again but, this time the dream is much more sad and emotional which causes the artist to wake up in tears. He follows her final clue to find her memorial in real life and a hand written letter from her that was left to him. Upon reading the letter the artist discovers that the girl in real life had a crush on him and was planning to confess her feelings to him. However, through a flash back we see all of the events that lead to her writing the letter for him before meeting her own untimely death.

Character Description: For the Lead role of the Dream Girl we are looking for an attractive Black or Hispanic woman who can portray the age range of 20-26. Who has an athletic build and is under 5’9.

Other Requirements: There are no speaking lines but actress/models must be able to portray emotions and cry on cue.

Compensation: Paid a day rate for each shoot day

Shoot details: Shooting will take place at various locations around Philly. 3-4 days in May 2021 (Exact dates TBD).

Casting information: There will be one casting held on Wednesday April 7 between 12n – 4pm. Audition will take place in person at a location that will be given to you upon response to this casting. Since there are no speaking lines, for the audition we have written a monolog poem of the entire flash back scene as if you were voicing it over. We will make our selection base on the emotional range you can show with this monolog and how well you bring the character to life in the short time.

Song: If you would like to hear the song, here’s the link:

If you are interested and have the availability, please send your headshots and resume to Ryan Sellers at then we will send you the script, poem and allow you to pick a time slot for the audition. All slots are first come, first serve. We will also be following COVID safety guidelines for this audition and the production.