Super Bowl is about an Eagles fan dealing with his friend’s death during Super Bowl LII. This short film will capture many emotions that relive the night Philadelphia wins the Super Bowl.

Character Descriptions:

Nick – Male; 20s; Caucasian; Lead Actor; He fights his emotions by quietly watching the game and drinking to pass the time, all while he occasionally diverts his attention to his imaginative friend.

Mike – Male; 20s; Caucasian; Lead Actor; An aggressive Philadelphia Eagles fan; his mind is directed towards the game and nothing else. He expresses his excitement by shouting expletives and insults to the TV. He expresses little to no kindness towards anyone.

Jimmy – Male; 20s; Caucasian; Supporting Actor; An imaginative figure through Nick’s perspective. He is a passionate, yet respectful Eagles fan.

Production will start in March 2020. Please send your reel, resume, and headshots to .