Pursuing a lead actor for a 1 day trailer/sizzle shoot.

The Sizzle is being filmed for the purpose of an upcoming Superhero TV show. Looking for a talented lead actor to play Sean Owens, AKA “Deadclaw” in our trailer.

The filming will only take about 1 day to shoot. This is a non union project.

Deadclaw is about saving the world. Saving each-other. Saving themselves.And theres an undertone about being who you are, who you want to be, not letting others change or influence you.

Sean Owens Description: A witty, sarcastic young man who is an FBI Agent. He goes through a journey of self discovery, sorrow, and friendship. He starts off in the pilot hating superheroes, and suffering through a personal tragedy,a and finds himself by the end pursuing these heroes and obtaining Justice.

If interested, please email me at marabellachristopher@gmail.com, or by cell 215-531-2396. Thanks!