Attention local actors! We are seeking cast for a horror film shooting this fall in South Jersey.

While this is a non-paying gig, we can offer toll/travel reimbursement, on-set meals and IMDb credit for your work. We will have crafty and lots of positive attitudes with creative people.

Here is the IMDb page of the project:

Here is the IMDb page of the Writer/Director:

Please view the breakdowns for the following roles and respond with headshots, resumes, reels, IMDb pages, etc.:

RODNEY – 20s – A detached burnout, but has a spark of thoughtfulness to connect the dots. Rodney possesses an intellect that belies his education. Rodney is cool, smart, and can hatch a plan, but he falls short on implementing it. His motivation is not to be bothered, but he knows what to do in a pinch. He’s lazy, but he’s no idiot. Mitch is Rodney’s compadre, and they complement each other’s characters well. Rodney can figure things out, and Mitch can put thoughts into action.

MITCH – 20s – A wiry burnout, spastic and panicky, not comfortable in his own skin. He has an intellectual bent that compares with Rodney, but his panicky nature can rush to ill-advised action. His motivation is to get through any unpleasantness as quickly—although haphazardly—as needed in order to return to his normal structure.

LIZZY – 20s – Charming and bubbly, yet a little spaced-out, Lizzy is an art-punky hipstress, like the art teacher whose room smells a little funky. She loves her life, and she’s an explorer. She’s motivated by cultivating relationships, bringing out the best in people and just “vibing.” She is old friends with Rodney and sees his potential beneath the surface. She has a love-hate relationship with Mitch. She kinda hates his personality while loving that he matches with and buoys Rodney’s character.

JESS – 30s – A wise-cracking sweetheart, she is a funny person who sees the humor in everything and doesn’t take life, or herself, too seriously. She’s very well-read, educated and intelligent, but she doesn’t rub it in your face. She’s madly in love with her boyfriend Michael, but she’s clearly his better half.

Michael – 30s – A well-meaning dope, Michael is Jess’ partner and is madly in love with her. He tries and fails to be Jess’ intellectual match, and he’ll go to irrational lengths to prove his love for her and keep her, but he’s a tad insecure about his shortcomings in the relationship. He feeds off Jess’ humor, wit and support.