Own land? I’ll pay you $50 if I can dig a hole. I’m a filmmaker who is directing a short that involves a man burying something (ok fine, a body). I need somewhere where I can dig a hole that is approximately 6ft x 2ft one day, and then return another day with a small crew where we’ll shoot our scene. Of course I’ll fill the hole back in afterwards. It would be great if the space where I can dig is in some sort of clearing near the woods or at least some bushes, but if it’s just in the middle of the woods, so be it. Somewhere relatively quiet within a 45 min radius of Philadelphia would be ideal, but let me know where you are. You can be completely hands off from all of this, or you can hang around and watch us film if you want! If you’re interested, I can provide you with a whole lot more details about myself, my crew, and my movie, so you know everything that’s going on here. Once again, 50 bucks, and all I want to do is dig a hole 🙂