Child Actresses/Twins for Feature Crime/Thriller Film, ‘To Avenge’

We are casting for the role of young Vera (pre-school or kindergarten look/age) for our feature film, To Avenge. Vera, as an adult, is the main character of our story. The scenes showing Vera as a child may include the following: Vera and her father listening to music (classic rock) together on the couch, Vera and her mother putting the finishing touches on a backyard tree house and a tea party.

Our start date is mid-September 2019. Set locations will include Ocean City, Maryland and the nearby resort towns of Fenwick Island and Lewes, Delaware. You will be needed on set for one day of filming.

Story background: To Avenge tells the story of Vera– the college-age victim of a sexual assault who is trying to deal with the aftermath of that physical and emotional trauma. As a child, Vera is a happy, well-adjusted young girl growing up in a loving, upper middle-class home with her mom and dad. The backstory is that Vera and her dad share the special bond of a mutual love for classic rock music.

Young Vera has several scenes and a few (light) lines of dialog. We need twins due to a special effect we are doing in one scene. Having a real-life twin will save us from having to use CGI for that key scene. We are looking for twin actresses who meets ALL of the following characteristics and qualifications:

Actresses must be identical twins who are currently between 3.5 and a max of 5.5 years of age, No exceptions as these scenes won’t be shot for another ten months- and the girls will be playing the youngest version of Vera (as a small child) and we want very young-looking kids for the tea party. Ability to memorize lines and deliver them in a natural-sounding way is essential.

Appearance: Caucasian w/pale or light complexion, blue eyes and straight, medium to dark brown hair (or willing to change hair color for role) You can see headshot photos of the actresses who will be playing the 12 year old and adult versions of Vera by visiting our To Avenge page on IMDb

Please submit with parent’s name, names of both children/actors, their age and height, IMDb link and/or actor’s reel (if applicable) and recent headshot photos. Please also provide full-body shots.