Film Poster

Penalty Of Death Productions is in the final stages of completing the spine chilling true crime mockumentary “The Warrensdale Mystery”. The film is a psychological horror and true crime thriller in the format of documentary style expose’, with all the characters participating in the form of detailed sit down interviews. The story tells the tale of three young men who mysteriously go missing after spending a New Year’s getaway in a remote cabin in the backwoods of a rural Pennsylvania town during the winter of 2009. During the course of the investigation, a dead body is discovered on the property but it turns out to not be one of the three missing men, which throws a monkey wrench into the case. Plenty of twists, turns and creepy phenomena. As stated, filming is nearly complete, however due to one of the cast needing to drop out, we are seeking to re-cast one of the film’s pivotal roles. A description of the remaining available role will be provided below. Anyone interested in applying for the part, please respond with at least three headshots and a demo reel is preferred. This will be a paid gig. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ainsely Jane- Caucasian Female(20’s-30’s)Ainsely is the sister of John Jane, the dead body discovered on the lakefront property where the original three men went missing. She is hard edged, but is extremely guilt ridden over the mysterious death of her brother. She is hellbent on finding answers behind the mystery of just how and why her brother died.