Hi looking for an experienced editor/business partner that can take completed/edited sketches (average video length 3 minutes) and create their own Alternative Edit that can be enjoyed on Patreon for fans who enjoy bonus content. This provides loyal fans access to additional creative takes on their favorite sketches. In addition to your own alternative edit, we will also need you to help organize the YouTube version, Facebook version, and the TikTok version of the same sketch. For example the same sketch on YouTube will be shortened for Instagram and reformatted with meme titles. We will further discuss this general marketing process better during the interview process. Overall, we are looking for a strategic partner whose an editor willing to take the lead on Patreon and ensure we are on schedule with weekly bonus content exports to maximize audience growth and engagement.

We are a three member team: Head of Production/Lead Cinematographer (Ryan M), Second Camera/Production Assistant (William F) and Writer/Director/Producer Sir Taj. As our production is picking up and our milestones approach it’s time for us to add a fourth member to the team. It’s getting impossible editing everything by myself so it’s time we brought a fourth person into the band. We are pursuing the journey of becoming undeniable and it begins with finding someone to take this position. This is a 10-15 hours a week position (flexible) with profit sharing/equity and an opportunity to access our audience for promoting personal passion projects. Please send a text message with your name and brief background to Sir Taj at 267-441-3010 – you can also email me at sirtajpatheja@gmail.com if you’d prefer.

Let’s schedule an interview and get you into the studio asap to review 20 completed sketches and get your take. We film a new sketch every Saturday so we need this fourth band member asap. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day. Team Work makes the Dream work. Go Eagles!