Let me introduce myself my name is Rusty Moy an Actress and CEO of Rusty Creation’s and a Podcaster. I have been working extremely hard with so many projects, and it’s been extremely hard to work on everything without any assistances. I’m seeking a professional Blogger for my new adventure.

I’m searching for the next blogger that is enthusiastic and creative but, my focus is to find a blogger that is a thinker and has some ideas of how to create a custom blog from start to finish. In addition, the break down below explains the expertise of the next blogger to join my team.

Content Writing. The most important thing in blogging is content.
Photo Editing. Blog posts with images get 94% more views than those without
Social Networking.
SEO and Analytics.
Understanding the audience.

Lastly, I believe the blog description limit is 320 characters. It can be shorter though.
Use conversational words; like you and I. People like to be addressed.
Use impact or power words.
Cut out filler words.
Include your main keyword in the blog description, would be a great way to help my adventure become a reality.