Creative Thought Media is currently looking for aspiring film, communications, and marketing students eager to learn about marketing and pre-production research for independent films and documentaries. Creative Thought Media’s Spring 2021 Internship offers hands-on learning experience in marketing the studio’s feature film, Love You Right (LYR), research skills for a pending documentary and developing new content.

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Interns will learn the following skills:
Traditional and Social Media marketing for independent films
Building a Social presence
Setting up documentary interviews
Researching and Development in Pre-Production
Connecting with a target audience
Reading submitted scripts
Script Breakdowns
Promotion for Festival Circuit
Building up a brand for feature films
Plan events and screenings within their local communities
Interacting with local and national press and media partners

We’re looking for creative self-starters with a passion for movies, music, and unique stories. Interns must have strong organization skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a passion for social media. Interest in event coordinating is preferred.

Film, Marketing, Communications, Art & Design majors are preferred but all majors will be considered.

College Marketing & Event Interns (Unpaid):
Work from home/campus and must have access to a computer, Internet, and phone service.
Work on-site at evening movie screenings or events, as necessary
Number of hours worked is determined by assignment, average 10-15 hours per week.
There will be opportunity for onset experience.

College Marketing & Event Interns must be on one weekly conference call with staff to document progress and keep aware of weekly tasks. College credit may be obtained as available from individual schools.

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to