Hey what’s up!

I’m looking for a model to film this Tuesday September 15th inside a photography studio from 1:00pm until 2:15pm (approx an hour and 15 min) for $100 cash up front.

The concept will be about answering just one question in front of the camera, which is what do you think of the current state of fashion today and how it impacts yourself as the model (short answer). Then finally transition that answer about yourself and that’ll become a voice over as the video cuts to modeling poses in front of a backdrop.

That being said, I’m also looking for a colorful personality but please keep the answer short and sweet. I also encourage for you to play any kind of music during the modeling poses and feel free to show me your best two outfits. Any kind of color scheme is fine.

Please email your recent work and possibly any kind of video project (doesn’t have to be professional). Also feel free to any questions as well.

I also want to keep everyone in consideration because I plan on making similar videos in the future so I’ll definitely go back and reach out again. I’ll respond this Sunday and give you the exact address to the studio and we can discuss the project going forward.

Lastly, because of studio policy and the well being of everyones health, please arrive with a mask. I will also wear my own along with gloves and also have some Clorox wipes on the side if you need any by chance, thank you!