For: “Raunchy”, “To the Max” & “Post Mortem”
City: Philadelphia, PA
Location: Northeast Philadelphia
Looking For: Female and Male Actors
Monday April 1st, 2019

Monday 4/01/19 10:00AM -2:00PM

Time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)


JBR Entertainment is holding an Open Call for both female and male actors. We are seeking a creative staff to perform in our new short film music video. Performed by Pat Minnes “Raunchy” and “To The Maxx” and “Post Mortem”. Directed by Joel “Chiqui” Diaz of Arcane Visions Media.



A young pregnant woman is determined to get an abortion. She calls an Uber first thing in the morning to head to the clinic, despite her brief second thoughts she’s confident to follow through with it.


A fairly up-beat young person has a casual conversation with his Uber driver. This person directs the driver to a bridge since he/she’s has their mind made up since the night before to jump off and end their life.


Deceitful character has a sudden change of heart and wishes to confess his wrong doing, only to find that it was too late.
We are especially seeking performers with a diverse look for ALL ROLES listed below.

Calling for the following roles:

Pregnant Woman (between ages 20-40’s): Confident and militant with a slight case of morning sickness. All Ethnicities.

Suicidal Male or Female (between ages 20-40’s): Extremely positive, sees the glass half full but still has a broken heart. All Ethnicities.

Backstabbing Friend (mid 20’s-30s): Stressed, with overwhelming guilt, a bit clumsy and distracted. All Ethnicities.


“To the Maxxx”

“Post Mortem”

Email a current headshot and resume

Patrick Weah

Joel “Chiqui” Diaz