Going on a Hike is about two backpackers who hike an office building. Equipped with big and bulky backpacking gear, the two backpackers are completely unaware of their surroundings. Acting as if all they see are the woods. At the same time, everyone in the office building is too stressed and busy to notice them. The two backpackers walk down the hallway as office workers pass by. They climb up a never-ending staircase. They set up camp and play music in the bathroom as an office working washes their hands. They cook rabbits on the kitchen floor as an office worker brews a pot of coffee. Etc. But when they get to the top of the building and look out at a city skyline, they realize they took the wrong trail.

I am looking for some actors to play featured extras. The roles would consist of office workers or office executives, but to bring the stressful and chaotic environment of the office building, every extra will have something to do and someone to play. For example, someone who just bought a new car but came to work the next day to find out that they got fired. They may not have a long amount of screen time but their presence will be important to the overall atmosphere of the film. I’m not looking for actors to play background characters who just walk around, but for actors to play a small part that will be seen on screen.

Preferably between ages 25 – 50 years old.

Attire has to be office building-like. White button-down with black pants. It’s important that the office workers are dressed monochromatically so the two hikers, who are the only characters in color, stand out.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. As well as IMDB credit and anything for your reel or resume. This being a student film, we are just looking to have a good time and make something cool and interesting.

The shoot date will be Sunday, November 7th. From 9 am – 4 pm. It will be shot at a building on the Drexel University campus in University City – in Philadelphia.

Let me know if you would be interested and I can send you the script along with an idea of a character, costume, and when to show up.

You can contact me at : Kbloom99@gmail.com

Website. : https://kbloom99.wixsite.com/kyblodp