Siberian Productions will be casting for their upcoming feature length film “Blurred Lines.” The film, a crime story, which at its heart, is a character driven drama that follows the lives of several flawed individuals on both sides of the law. Their stories tell of the compromises they make and the lines they are willing cross to make them.

This film is slated to begin production in June 2019 and shoot in and around the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. This is both a union/non-union project

Casting will be held February 9th, 2019.

Those interested should send your head shots/reels and contact information via E-mail to be scheduled.

Contact Information:


1.Biker:(25-35) The Enforcer and muscle behind the Biker club. Imposing both in stature and presence he is feared by many. However, there is something buried deep under Grizz’s rugged demeanor that sets him apart from the rest.

4.Frank Gianielli:(50-60) Head of The Philadelphia Underworld. He is respected by those around him though that has only been prompted by his history as a cold blooded killer. Frank is very shrewd when it comes to business however, in his older age he’s begun to trust the wrong people which may ultimately lead to his downfall.

5.Dino Silione: (40-45) The Don’s Under boss. A known womanizer and master manipulator who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is cold and calculated yet can be thrown into a fit of rage at the flick of a switch. His erratic unstable personality is fueled with his need for money, alcohol and women.

6.Sam (Race Open)(30-35) Lieutenant on the Philadelphia Police force, “Sam” is a functioning alcoholic. Her addiction has led to her making many wrong choices, affecting her life both personally and professionally.

7.D.J.: (25-40)A seasoned Biker who can fly off the handle at any time.

8.“Cheese”: (40-50) Named for how he sometimes responds during conversation, Cheese is a frequent guest at “The Palace Night Club”, usually there to help Frank and Dino orchestrate a plan.

9.Tina: (25-35) She is Dino’s Young and very attractive Wife. The glitz and glamour of dating someone “involved” is starting to wear thin with her, as is Dino’s lying and infidelity.

10.Marie: (25-30) Typical Mob Princess who enjoys the life she lives.
She looks the other way when her boyfriend is unfaithful knowing that it’s all part of the game. She may be being used, but she gets what she wants.

11.Starr: (25-30) A young woman who makes her living as a dancer. She is starved for love and attention and thinks she has found it with Wolf. However, that may not be the case.

12.Joe: (21-25) Joe is the Bartender for The Palace Night Club. He holds Dino in high regard and has aspirations to one day take his spot in the organization. He is young, “Wet behind the ears” and very impressionable. His immaturity may ultimately lead to his demise.

13.Angel Diaz:(30-35)- Hispanic- A known drug dealer engaged to the Mob boss of New York’s Daughter. His very lucrative business is starting to expand into Frank Gianielli’s territory.

14.Carmine Donato:(50-60) Head of the New York MOB. Carmine is a force to be reckoned with especially when Family is involved.

15.Carmella Donato: (25-30) Carmella is the Daughter of New York Mob boss Carmine Donato. Once embarrassed by the goings on in the family business while younger, Carmella has become accustomed to her privileged life style and makes exceptions as to how her beloved Angel makes his living.

16.Lonnie Selby: (35-40) African American- A store owner who allows the mob to use his store as a safe house in exchange for much needed funds for him and his family. When he has a change of heart, he puts himself and his family in danger.

17.Momma Selby: (65-70) African American – Patriarch to the Selby Family, “Momma” strives to keep her family grounded with their moral values and faith in God taught to them by her late husband.

18.Hanna: (25-30) A Ministers Daughter who lives at home with her Father and helps him run the School at the Church.