Feature Film Re-casting for Supporting Role: 20 y/o Son of Wealth and Privilege

Film Title: To Avenge. Genre: Thriller/Crime Supporting Role: James Danvers

To Avenge’ is an upcoming thriller shooting Fall 2019 in Ocean City, MD. Directed by Nick Belial, ‘To Avenge’ stars Erika Eleniak, (Baywatch) Zach Galligan, (Gremlins) Kelli Maroney, (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) and Bernard Robichaud. (Trailer Park Boys)

Story Background: ‘To Avenge’ tells the story of the repercussions of a terrible crime. Vera is the college-age victim of a sexual assault who is trying to deal with the aftermath of that physical and emotional trauma. Shortly after her assault by a group of four young men, (including two brothers from the wealthy Danvers family) Vera is relieved to learn her attackers have been caught. The men, however, are quickly cleared of the charges and released due to behind-the-scenes coercion and blackmail.

The two sons of Clayton and Abigail Danvers have been raised in wealth and privilege in one of the most powerful families in the country. Growing up in such an environment has left both young men with a sense of entitlement and superiority that leads them and their two friends to commit a terrible crime (sexual assault) against a young woman while she’s visiting her family’s beach house during a pre-season vacation in the seaside resort town of Ocean City, Maryland.

Character background: The role you are submitting for is James, (Jameson) Danvers, the younger of the two brothers. He is described as around 20 and is still in school. His older brother Jason is about 24-25 years old and has a GQ, put-together look at all times. While Jason is constantly seen at the country club, the marina, the NJ casinos or one of the nightlife hot spots in and around Washington, DC., younger brother James is still completing his undergraduate studies and can only get into town to hang out with his brother on the weekends or during school breaks. The two have access to a 40′ yacht that’s kept docked in Ocean City, MD where the Danvers family keeps an expansive summer house overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

James looks up to his older brother who’s smart, athletic and always looks out for his kid brother. The two were pretty much raised having everything they ever wanted with the exception of loving parents . Abigail and Clayton were rarely at home with the children. The boys learned to entertain themselves while their busy parents always overlooked and simply took care of any trouble their sons got into along the way. The permissive environment left the two boys without a moral compass. Both young men are well accustomed to getting their own way in all aspects of their lives.

Character description: James is written as being 20 years of age in his last year of school. Actor should possess handsome, clean cut, frat-boy good looks. Thin to slightly athletic build. Blondish, light or medium brown hair. Blue eyes. Pictures of the actors playing the parts of (father) Clayton Danvers, (mother) Abigail and (brother) Jason can be seen on the ‘To Avenge’ IMDb page. The actor playing Jameson needs to ‘fit’ the family.

Please familiarize yourself with the project including the storyline, first-billed cast and crew and submit only if you meet all of the requirements as well having open availability in your schedule for Mid-September/October 2019.