Hello there! We are looking for extras for our upcoming production weekend of a short comedy called “Winky”. It’s a film about a Dad who keeps his drug stash inside of his son’s stuffed rabbit for convenient safekeeping – but then one day the kid trades away the rabbit on the playground. We’re shooting at Luther Klosterman Park in Fort Washington, PA, just outside the city, on April 16-17. The day we expect we will need all our extras is Saturday, April 16, but the shoot is at the mercy of the weather, so it would be great if anyone interested could tell us their full availability for the entire weekend, as well as the following weekend, April 23-24.

The characters we are looking for are:

– Multiple parents and kids to come play on the playground! Especially kids who like to swing.
– Old lady reading War & Peace on park bench
– Person walking dog

What we can offer as compensation is your choice of either a $25 Amazon gift card or a bottle of wine, in addition to formal IMDB credit. We’ll also keep you in mind for future projects we shoot in the area – our lead actor in this film got acquainted with us by being an extra previously. Of course, meals and snacks will be provided the day of the shoot. But what will be up to you is transportation to the location.

If you’re interested, let us know your availability for those two weekends and include a headshot in your email. If you’d like to know more about the film you’re being involved with, we’d be happy to send you the script! It’s a fun one. Have a good day everyone.