A Rez EsQuire Film is producing a music video and we are in need of extras for one of the scenes. Below is all of the information for the video.

We are looking for: Men and woman of all races/ethnicities. Must be 21 or older.This is a non union project.

Project Description: We need about 7-10 Extras to fill up the background of a Club/Lounge scene. (We will literally pick the first 10 that we get.)

What You will be doing: You will be hanging out in the bar drinking, talking and having fun. There is no audio so feel free to network with the people around you. Just pay attention to the cues. We will take time to shoot with some extras individually. You may take picture also. However you must ask permission before posting anything online.

Date: The shoot is on Saturday April 17 2021

Location: Allentown PA (will let you know the exact address once you confirm)

Call time: 3pm Eastern Standard Time

Timeframe: 2-3 hours max

Outfit: Casual dress up, nice club/lounge wear. Bring extra clothes.

Pay: $40 cash

Hair/Make-up: Do your own.

Other: We will be shooting the scenes with the extras first. So once we tell you we are done with you, you may go home.

If you are interested in being an extra in this project please send me your headshot only and your full name to paradigmtv24@gmail.com to confirm your interest and availability. Then I will send you the exact address and a confirmation email.

Ryan Sellers
Casting Director