“Van Life” is the story of a loving lesbian couple and their neurotic dog. All seems well and good, until we realize the dog is in a living hell. Every cabinet and nook reminds of her of what has fallen, scaring and scarring her. It’s a dark comedy–5-7 minutes final length.

I’m seeking a narrative editor. I’m the director/producer and plan to be involved in the editing process. The film has already been shot in 4K.

I’d like a collaborator for end-to-end editing, from syncing sound to color correction. I have a separate sound person who was on set during the shoot and will do the post-production sound editing. This is a low-budget project and could be great for a current grad student, a recent film school graduate, or someone who wants a quick, fun project. Women and LGBTQI folks encouraged to apply.

I plan to submit to queer film festivals around the country.

Please respond to NIMANDESIGN@GMAIL.COM with your reel, your experience, your availability, and your favorite dog.