“Ida B. Wells: Trayvon Martin and Lynching” – Carol Finkle

I’ve been holding 16 weeks of rawfootage from a “Hidden History” program curated by Larry Robin, “Moonstone Art Center”, 2013. Needs: Probably needs to be digitized for safe-keeping. Editing needed to prepare for screengs on PhillyCAM (Philadelphia Community Access Media) as well as any and all “Black History/Culture” related festivals, events, educational “American History” curricula systems and more. Ida B. Wells is one of our most impactful historic figures: a true SHEroe, but still barely known, as she and so many (so much) is often purposefully omitted from the overall public educations in America. Much of my footage was done on hand-held HandyCam and IPhone and is saved on my IMovie/MacBookPro, back up drives etc. Again, it is in dire need of digitizing so as not to be lost… Thank you.