We are looking for a talented, up and coming Director of Photography to film this weekend, most likely Sunday. We are a group of acting students who study at Playhouse West Philadelphia and are in the middle of our 25 Day Film Festival. We have a solid, funny story and need help filming it. Ideally, you’ll have equipment such as a camera, lights, and sound.

The story is about this, pretty much: A group of acting students need a script to film ASAP and David promises to deliver. But he doesn’t. He comes up empty handed and loses the faith of his team. Will he think of something in time for the deadline?

I can send you the script if you’re interested and available this weekend to film. We will need to get the final footage to our editor by Sunday night or Monday morning to make the deadline on 9/24.

If you’re interested in helping and using your DP skills with us, please shoot me an email @:


Thank you for considering. We hope to hear from you soon.