Job Position: Documentary Film Editor (Contract, Remote)
Film Website:
Deadline to Apply: May 5, 2021
Start Date: May 24, 2021
Duration: 16-20 Weeks
Compensation: Flat Rate to be Discussed

Film Description:
Documentary filmmaker, Nunera Amun, captures the inspiring and heart-felt journey of Alex, Michael, Uriah and Clinton, four African American teenage friends living in inner-city Philadelphia, working mindfully to create definitions of who they are and who they will become amidst continued controversial portrayals of black men. Inspired by hip hop culture of the 1980’s and 90’s, they find themselves at 16-years old engulfed in making music addressing race, politics, religion and personal battles as a way to communicate with society and impact change. They aspire to become mainstream hip-hop artists without having to compromise their racially and socially conscious message.

Spending hours at a time writing, recording, and producing original beats — after school and on weekends — they take on an adult task of pursuing a career dream to better the lives of themselves and their families. Their bond deepens as they learn of each other’s struggle with family dynamics, mental illness, financial issues, and internal doubt, and as conflict among them arises, they must put aside their differences to survive their struggles. They realize they must also challenge the current state of hip-hop to continue making the music they have committed to making. Pierced with the daunting reality of what is at stake if they fail, they make a commitment to stick together and support each other through every step along the journey.

As Nunera chronicles Alex, Micheal, Uriah and Clinton through their everyday lives, she is compelled to admit to them that she stereotyped them as trap rappers. Their conversation leads her back to a letter she wrote in 2016, titled Dear Black Man, where she addresses her conflicting fear of black men. Nunera emotionally comes to terms with the ways she treated and stereotyped black men, and uses this film to reconcile her complex relationship with black men.

Job Summary:
We are looking for a Film Editor with experience in editing at least one mid to long form documentary. The Editor will work alongside the Director to build upon the narrative of “What is a Black Man?” and create a 40 minute extended preview of the film that will be screened virtually in the late fall or early winter this year. In addition to the extended preview the editor will also be asked to create a 60-90 second trailer for

Watch over 20 hours of interviews (with transcriptions)
Meet with Director to build on current film direction and narrative
Watch footage from multiple shoot days (35+hours) and notate moments and thoughts from each scene to discuss with Director
Edit footage down into complete scenes; submit to director for review
Assist with music selection and decide music placement for Director to review
Develop and edit trailer based on direction of the extended preview
Color Correction (optional dependent on skill level)

Experience editing mid (20+ mins) to long (60+ mins) documentaries (at least one)
Demonstrated passion and involvement in social and racial justice missions is preferred
An understanding of racism and aspects of the Black American experience is preferred
Demonstrated interest in character/story development
Ability to sync audio and video
Availability over 16-20 weeks starting May 24th
Demonstrated ability to self-manage, prioritize projects and work independently.
Must be able to work remotely
Basic motion graphic/color correction skills a plus but NOT required

This a 16-20 week long position open to independent contractors. The Editor will be expected to complete a final trailer and 40 minute extended preview by the end of 20 weeks at the latest.

To be considered for this opportunity please send your resume along with 1-3 documentary work samples to; include “Documentary Film Editor” in the subject line.