Casting Call for A Job To Kill For Short

Dark Comedy Short- An assassin recruitment initiation gets botched when the wrong ammunition gets loaded in the gun.

Kyle- A self-thought family-man, is trying to get this assassin gig to help provide for his family, but will have to make a hard choice when they ask him to kill his wife to prove loyalty to the company. -Also recruits get mustangs.

Kathy- Kyle’s wife. When the gun doesn’t kill her because blanks were put in by accident, she’ll proceed to tear her husband down psychologically and inadvertently convince Agent Daniels that she’s the killer in the relationship and that she should be hiring her.

Agent Daniels- Head of the assassin organization. She’s a professional with a disdain for incompetence, her only flaw is that she continually hires the incompetent. Maybe today she can change that trend.

Agent Jenkins- Overly eager to move up in the company and get promoted, he accidentally loads blanks in the gun as opposed to live rounds, which causes this whole debacle. What’s worse, he doesn’t realize his mistake and continues to prod Daniels for a promotion as she tries to fix this mess.

We’re looking to film late January or February, likely one long day of filming (possibility of a pickup day) and a short day for rehearsal no less than a week or so prior to the shoot, schedule will be determined based on everyone’s availability. Location isn’t locked down yet, but will likely be near Pottstown, PA or within the greater Philadelphia Area. Meals will be provided. Please provide video examples of previous work.

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