Various Crew are needed to assist with producing a demo reel for my graduate school admissions project. All equipment will be provided, and if you shoot with your own gear that is fine, too. If you don’t have a ton of experience no big deal I can help as long as you have passion and willing to volunteer. I need:

DP’s/Camera Operators proficient with Canon T series (or able to learn quickly),
Location Audio Mixers who know how to use a zoom H4N, lavs and shotgun microphones (or able to learn quick)
production assistants (no experience needed)
assistant editor (must have some editing experience),
Motion Graphics/Titling (should be good with after effects/photoshop/and/or Illustrator)
If you are an editor good with titling and motion graphics that is a plus, but not necessary.

Credit, meals, and copy provided, non-paying volunteer help is requested, but can likely help add to your demo reels. Some of the shoot days will likely be cold, but I’ll make sure we eat well and have lots of hot chocolate or coffee in between shooting. Transportation to location if needed will also be provided. Please email me your work samples if you have any, as well as your interest and what role you’d like to support in the subject line to If you want to see my work samples just type in John Cuie into Youtube or visit