Looking for the right individual to lead the creative end of a recently established development company. Projects include TV, movie (short & long form), book, and commercials. Have a number of projects ready to be moved forward that are in need of a creative artist lead. Will have the creative freedom to produce visuals based on written script.

Depending on your point of view, this is an opportunity that will be frankly overwhelming for some. At the same time, for the right creative mind the potential to be a part of a number of ground up projects can be the chance to truly build a resume and career.

Must be able to both work on your own and in a collaborative setting. Have a number of talented individuals already on board to lead and grow the company.

From a macro point of view, we are simply a team that wants to create projects that move people in some way emotionally. To earn an audiences trust and take them on a creative journey.

Please contact through email – bstexperience@gmail.com