“CRAZY HE CALLS ME” short film (drama)

Synopsis: The reclusive and self-loathing gamer, Amelia, falls into insanity as she tries to save a guy she fell in love with in the online MMORPG game “World of True Life” from a potential stalker.

Leah (supporting; age 18-25; any ethnicity) is one of Amelia’s closest friends but she hasn’t talked to her in months since Amelia has committed to developing her own game. Leah has played video games with Amelia in the past but has moved on to further her own career in computers. Leah is smart, put-together, and strong in her opinions but also genuinely cares for Amelia and her family’s well-being.

If you’re interested in auditioning for the role, please send over your headshot and resume with the character name in the subject line to tclairemae@gmail.com. This will be shooting in May/June and will have rehearsals. No pay but you will receive IMDB credits + this film will go through a festival run.