Casting Notice: Temple University Student Films!

Temple University Student Films!

Kathy Wickline Casting has teamed up with Temple University to conduct their 2021 Student Film Casting. First Submissions will be conducted digitally and call-backs will be in person. We encourage all talent to participate in student film productions as it is an excellent opportunity to hone your craft, build your resume, and connect with future industry leaders and creatives.

RATE: Union (Student Film Agreement /SAG AFTRA)
Non-Union (some pay provided for most projects)
SHOOT LOCATION: Local to Philadelphia
SHOOT DATES: TBD-Mid November-Mid January
CALLBACKS: TBD, will be done in person
UNION AND NON-UNION COVID PROCEDURE: Must be vaccinated (excluding talent under the age of 18)! When not on Camera must wear a mask and practice social distancing.


#1) Male, Any Ethnicity
— Avian (18-25) Insecure creative who likes photography and spending time with family — John (18-25) A neurotic Junior year theater major at his university. Low self-esteem, –passionate– Professor Gary Burd: (35-45) A happy-go-lucky professor who gives all his students A’s.
— Timmy (4-8) Super imaginative little boy and who’s kindhearted.
— Dad (28-38) Can be impulsive when his family is threatened. Hangs telephone lines for a living.
— Ryan (25-30) is a hardware store employee who works for his father
— Nero (25-30) is around six-foot, thin/slightly built body structure, extrovert, very assertive, bipolar. He has been known to be verbally abusive towards others at times.
— Alex (25-30) Can be a bit obnoxious at times. He tends to gossip and be judgmental towards others
— Liam (20-25) Guitar player and backup singer (Must be able to sing on camera and play guitar/bass guitar)
— Jay (20-25) Lead singer, bad boy aesthetic (Must be able to sing on camera and play guitar/bass guitar)
— Rob (20-25) Drummer (Must be able to play drum kit)
— Prof. Roberts (40-60) A tenured theatre professor at John’s University and director of the play. Easily intimidated, diplomatic, easy-going.

#2) Female, Any Ethnicity

— Spirit (25-80) Powerful maternal force
— Dr. Marissa Price (58-62) Teaches film studies, loves her post and her students but is able to give bad news if needed.
— Mary (45-55) A headstrong, determined woman, frazzled, outspoken, finds out her husband has an affair.
— Professor Diane Mullens (40-60) eats grapes every meal. Students are afraid of her.
— Grandma (58-62) Loves gossip and is a caretaker for her bedridden husband
— Mom (28-38) Stay at home mom who infuses little parts of every day with humor and imagination
— Jordan (25-30) Outwardly sleek, sophisticated, traumatized workaholic
— Sophie (21-30) bubbly and trendy, Sophie is Ryan’s new girlfriend
— Clare (20-25) Bass player (Must be able to sing on camera and play guitar/bass guitar)
— Kim (20-25) Pianist (Must have experience playing piano/keyboard)
— Sophia (20-30) Small/medium height, a quiet type and has been a loner most of her life

#3) Female, Black

— Love bird 2 (18-24) She sits on the hood of a car while being courted. She knows she’s not going to give him the chance but lets him talk.
— Woman in Window (18-24) The noisy neighbor looking out the window.
— Little Girl 2 (8-12) Innocent smile as she plays with her dolls. She then confronts the police officer with a phone in hand and a smile attached.
— Kid on a bike 1, 2, 3, and 4 (12-15) A part of a group of kids riding bikes in the street.
— J.C. (20-30) Rebellious, and open nature. A jazz singer, 1930s Harlem.

#4) Male, Black:

— Old man (65-75) Someone who tried his best to save the neighborhood but knows it’s someone else’s time now.
— Ross (20-25) mentor figure, tall, slick-looking handsome
— Love Bird 1 ( 20-25) He talks to a female acquaintance. He has a “macho” persona.
— Adryan (20-30 Black) medium build, average height, well-dressed with a black and white tux/black bow tie and a gray top hat. A jazz pianist
— Mr. Woods (50-60) is temperamental and isolated as he searches for his true purpose
— Max (50-60) His kind personality can often be mistaken for condescendingness or sarcasm.
— Bugg (15-21) adolescent with an unimpeachable baby face
— Kid on a bike 1, 2, 3, and 4 (12-15) A part of a group of kids riding bikes in the street.

#5) Female, Black or Latinx

— Friend 1, 2, & 3 (18-24) flunky of Ross
— Little Girl 1 (8-12) Innocent smile as she plays with her dolls

#6) Male, White

— Mime Singers (20-30) Evil entities behind band members (MUST be comfortable with having fake blood in and around their mouth and with wearing a bowl-cut wig.)
— Officer Banks (24-30) has a prejudice that is ingrained into his DNA.
— Officer Massey (50-55) veteran officer, feels he can tell a person’s intention

#7) Female, White

— Prudence: (50-60) open-minded caring mother sometimes doesn’t sense the emotion of others
— Karen (30-40) A woman walking to the store is startled by some boys jumping off a porch.


You must submit ALL requested materials!
Send us ONE email with all of the following.
Sorry, we can’t go back and forth answering questions, but we appreciate your submission!

Subject line of the email MUST include the Character name you are auditioning for. Please send:

1. Please Prepare a 1-minute Monologue for the Initial Audition in Mp4 Format.
2. Headshot / Resume / Phone number / Union Status / D.O.B. (if minors only)
3. Residence City and State *DO NOT APPLY unless you live within 2 hours of Philadelphia

You MUST include all of the necessary information, otherwise we cannot consider your submission.

Temple Film makers will be contacting you directly. Please keep an eye out for replies.

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