SAG-AFTRA Short Project Agreement
Shoot Dates: TBD Weekend in July or August.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Auditions: Actors chosen from will be asked to record a video audition. Details below.
Rate: Deferred for first episode. The goal being to gain funding for fair pay compensation for 5-6 further episodes, depending on a potential reshoot of a fully budgeted Pilot episode.
Due By:All materials must be received by July 5th to be considered.

MUST be able to self-report to set and work as a Philly local.

SAG-AFTRA members strongly encouraged to apply.

BOOLALA is the tale of a young boy and an invisible friend that tells him to do “bad things.” Over the course of the series, the project hopes to examine the role of nature and nurture as well as how people interpret the world they live in through the contrasting lenses of science and religion.

People of all colors, shapes and sizes are encouraged to submit.

Please Note: Those with strong religious ideology may find aspects of the storyline to be offensive; please use your discretion when submitting if you have strong religious beliefs you feel may preclude your ability to connect with the role and goal of the project.

Casting Breakdown:

BARRY – Male, 30s; A busy father, that over the course of the series neglects his family and work as he leans into his extremist-religious upbringing to try to resolve the cause and effects of his son’s invisible friend, Boolala.

SAHRA – FEMALE, 30s; A women struggling with chronic depression, and a resentment for her role as a mother. She uses science and psychology to understand her world through her therapist and self help books, while trying to reconcile the distance she has created between herself and her young son — that has recently formed a stronger bond with an invisible friend than he has with his biological mother.

ZAK – MALE, 4-7 years old; A young boy desperate for attention that has found an invisible friend that cares about him more than his own mother. This friend sometimes tells him to do bad things and he’s willing to do those things if they can make his friend happy.

Please Submit the Following to This Email Address:
–Headshot – Must be recent and represent how you currently look. **Hint hint** A balding men that has headshots with full hair.
–Acting Resume
–Link to website or IMDb, if you have one.
–Link to Reel – Please do not attach video to submission, use Vimeo, Youtube, DailyMotion, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
IF, you do not have a reel, please use a monologue or recorded scene that shows your abilities as an actor. This is not a comedic project, so comedic scenes and monologues are not helpful to the casting process.

All submissions will be reviewed. Those chosen by production to proceed will be contacted by/shortly after July 5th to submit a taped scene audition. If you do not hear from us by that time, please do not think your materials were not seen. Not everyone can be chosen and I sincerely wish you the best as you continue your acting career. I’ve been in your shoes before and I know it can be discouraging. Don’t give up, keep trying.

I am a SAG-AFTRA member that has been working in Philadelphia as an actor for six years, mostly commercial and industrial work. I have an MFA in theater and have directed theatrical productions in the past, as well as some short films. I strive to create a positive, collaborative set and want to work with actors that are willing to take risks and be open to the creative process. This is a project that I have been developing for nearly four years and I am very excited to finally begin production.