Dodge City Film Works and The Artist Warehouse
Casting Notice for “Bedside” Production

Seeking to cast for a variety of roles for the upcoming Feature Film “Bedside”. This production will be filmed in Chester, PA and surrounding areas starting March 12th, 2022 to April 3rd, 2022. Must be a Local Hire or willing to be considered as a local hire, we will not be providing Travel and lodging. This is a Non-Union production paid roles.

How to submit:
*Please follow instructions to be considered or submission will be discarded.
Send Headshot, Resume, and Actor Reel or a 1 – 2 minute Dramatic monologue to email: with name of character you are submitting for in the subject line. (i.e. Bedside – Bobby, or Bedside – Angela Reese)
DEADLINE: Submissions must be received by Midnight Jan. 28, 2022.

Character List:

BOBBY – Mid 30’s to 50’s, AA Male, Amateur Photographer.
GRANDMOTHER – Elder 70’s, AA Female, Bobby’s grandmother.
DETECTIVE REESE – 40’s to 50’s, Caucasian Male, Main Detective pursuing Bobby.
LESLIE – Early to Mid 20’s, Any Ethnicity Female, Young lady walking through the park with headphones on approached by Bobby. OFFICER WALLACE – Mid 30’s to Mid 40’s, Any Ethnicity Male, Works with Detective Reese.
MELANIE – Mid 30’s to 50’s, AA Female, Bobby’s Sister.
LITTLE MELANIE – Age 5-7, AA Female, Younger version of Melanie.
LITTLE BOBBY – Age 5-7, AA Male, Younger version of Bobby.
DARRELL – Mid 30’s to Mid 50’s, AA Male, Melanie’s Husband, Lawyer.
CSI DETECTIVE ERIC BAILEY – Late 20’s to 40’s, Any Ethnicity, Male
CSI DETECTIVE JAMES TURNER – Late 20’s to 40’s, Any Ethnicity, Male
PAUL – Late 50’s to 60’s, Caucasian Male
MIKE – Early 20’s, Caucasian Male, Store Clerk.
REGINA WATERS – Mid 20’s to 30’s, AA Female, Runs and Org. for Women of Violent Crimes. Passes out flyers at the park.
JADA MAVIS – Early Teen’s, AA Female
MAYOR – Mid 40’s , Caucasian Male, Very Charismatic
COMMISSIONER FITZPATRICK – 50’s to 60’s, Caucasian Male
SARAH JAMES – 50’s to 60’s , Caucasian Female, Homeless Women, Ex-Doctor at the city Morgue.
JUDGE SEATON – 50’s to 60’s, Male Caucasian
TAMARA VARELLA – 30’s to 50’s, AA Female, Bobby’s Lawyer.
D.A. SAM KRASNER – 30’s to 50’s, Caucasian Male
ANGELA REESE – 40’s to 50’s AA Female, Detective Reese Wife, Psychologist.
MS. EVELYN LOPEZ – Late 60’s to 70’s, Hispanic Female, Convenient store Owner.