Now casting for a student-produced film located in Philadelphia. Silence is a film about a boy who deals with the grief of losing his older brother. We are looking for three male actors and one female actor. Open to all races and ethnicities to apply.

Daniel (Late Teen/ Young Adult) (Brother to David and Abigail)

Daniel is someone who is very reserved, quiet, and negatively deals with the grief of his older brother dying.

David (Late Teen through Early Twenties) (Brother to Daniel and Abigail)

David is an exceptional musician who unexpectedly commits suicide.

Abigail (Early Twenties through Late Twenties) (Sister to Daniel and David)

Abigail is a caring and gentle soul who tries to connect with Daniel.

Trent: (Early Twenties through Late Twenties)

Trent is a caring boyfriend who supports Abigail.

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