Casting for a drama-comedy about six best friends living in Philly who struggle to navigate life in their mid to late 20s. Attempting to find their place in the world they fight through dreams deferred, disappointments, family tradition, mental health, and marriage in hopes of achieving the lives they dreamed of.

The web series is based on a short film Dear Life, You Suck! Journal Entry One. That premiered at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. As well as screened at Reelblack’s Film screening and Philm Factory’s Film Lounge.

Todd Henderson (Chorus / Ensemble): Male, 20-30
Charming, resistant, and withdrawn. An Olympic hopeful who Cam Newtoned his life. A former star athlete who made it through High School and College winning gold medals in the track & field. But he lost everything because of an injury. Now Todd struggles with the anxiety of finding himself without doing the one thing he loves.
Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Kiera Fredricks (Chorus / Ensemble): Female, 20-30
A Youtuber who specializes in creating recycled art. Kiera is a woman filled with vibrant energy and positive affirmations. Genuinely cheerful, warmhearted, and maintains a good attitude. Underneath her positive attitude, she masks her feelings oftentimes at the expense of others. Kiera is used to ignoring her issues until she has to come face to face with them.
Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Emilia Sanchez (Chorus / Ensemble): Female, 20-30
A frizzy-haired woman who wears the same grey flannel and dark jeans every day. She is brash, witty, unmotivated, and stuck in her bubble. Fresh off a suicide attempt. Battling with depression she moves in with her older cousin Amanda. But she would rather spend her time drowning in nostalgia feelings than talking about her problems.
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Amanda Sanchez (Chorus / Ensemble): 25-30
Emilia’s older cousin. Amanda is complicated. She’s resentful yet kindhearted. A latchkey kid Amanda is self-reliant, sympathetic, and easily irritated. She reluctantly looks after her cousin. Yet she tries to make the best out of a tough situation.
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Food will be provided and some pay. The director is Self-Financing this production and is still working through the rates of the episode. We are only shooting Episode 1. With plans of raising money via crowdsourcing and crowdfunding in order to get enough funding for the rest of the series.”This is completely an independent production. All I have is a vision and I need the right people to help share that vision.”

Audition Process
The audition process goes as follows:

After applying with a headshot, reel and resume actors will receive an email asking for self-tape auditions. On a later date, if selected actors will be invited to a callback via zoom or google hangout with the director.

*Note: Please be prepared to improv. As well as a chemistry test alongside other actors and current cast members.

Filmmaker states: “I’m looking for passionate, hardworking, creative, flexible and reliable people to work on this film. Experience is required if you have any experience you are encouraged to apply.”