We are looking for actors/actresses who would be interested in auditioning for roles in the upcoming thesis film, “The Bagel” directed by Byron Ruf.

We will be shooting January 29-30 and February 5-6, 2022, and are asking for 12 hours of availability throughout the day with covered transportation costs and meals provided. Filming will take place at a hotel location in Cranbury, New Jersey.

Story synopsis: A comedy short film about a group of five high school debate team students who accidently hit their teacher in the head with a bagel. How will they get away with this?

JACK: (17-19) Cocky, outgoing, and selfish. He projects a happy go-lucky persona, but deep down is insecure. He has a massive crush on Eve.
DAN: (17-19) Reserved; talks smack about you in his head. He’s a closeted gay who puts his trust in Jack.
EVE: (17-19) Confident, blunt. Manages to be friends with everyone. She does not like Jack as more than friends.
PERCY: (17-19) Snobby, teacher’s pet. He would rather study than hang out with the others.
CLARA: (17-19) Shy, unconfident. She feels as if Eve steals everything from her because Eve’s perfect. She likes Dan.
MR. WATSON: (40-50) Doesn’t tolerate B.S.; A straight to the point kind of guy. He wants to make sure this field trip goes as smoothly as possible because the students are his responsibility.

If interested, please contact thebagelfilm@gmail.com. We look forward to working with some of you and getting to see your work. Thank you so much for your time and interest, and best of luck to everyone in their endeavors!