Casting “Milo,” a short film.

Synopsis: This film follows a young man, Milo, released from prison. He hitchhikes home and navigates a strange underworld of people in order to reach a long lost love.

Currently Casting:

MILO (lead)- Milo is hardened after years in a correctional facility, but remains compassionate for those who deserve his compassion. He see’s the bright sides of things. He pauses to observe moments of beauty he was deprived of. Ability to play an instrument is a plus (i.e., harmonica, guitar, banjo) but not required. Role is open to transgender submissions.

JACK (supporting) – A racketeering crime boss that Milo must confront. Jack is heard over the telephone at first, then appears obscured in a later scene. Looking for someone tough, enigmatic, and smooth. Open to male and female submissions.

THE FAMILY (day players) – We need a wild bunch of people who all live in a house together. They will be partying, drinking wine, shooting off guns, playing music.