Looking for lead and supporting roles for a student short film. Filming in early March in Philly and surrounding counties.

Logline: When Sarah gets her first period, she has no one to help her move on from her childhood- or get the blood stain out of her pants.

Role: Sarah
Age: 8-12
Sensitive and bright. An “old soul”. A bit forlorn, and is figuring out her first period all alone.
*must be comfortable with periods/talking about menstruation

Role: School Nurse
Age: 30-50
A stiff, old-fashioned woman with a lack of ability to care for others.

Role: Chase
Age: 16-18
Sarah’s charming older brother, with an athletic streak and an optimistic outlook on life.
*must be able to drive

Role: Ron
Age: 40-55
Sarah’s father. An overworked and awkward widower who is trying his best to parent his daughter, but is failing.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please email what role and a picture of yourself to sarahisawomanfilm@gmail.com. Thanks!