Claire is a short narrative about a superstitious translator, the eponymous Claire, following an ominous warning from a fortune teller, vows not to rest until she can track down the world’s reddest flower. In her search, she enlists the help of her pragmatic best friend Sophie. Claire and Sophie spend the day desperately scouring the city for the world’s reddest flower, visiting a flower shop, encountering overturned tarot cards, and a mysterious mime whose tricks aren’t very convincing.


Mime (male, 30’s/40’s) – a mime performing in a park by himself without many audience, however eventually gets Claire and Sophie’s attention. Skill at movement/clowning/miming is required. Scenes of mime performance are included.

Flower shop staff (any gender, 30’s/40’s) – a staff works at a boutique flower shop, puzzled by Claire’s request for the reddest flowers.

Shooting Dates:

Mime- 2 days in between June 17th – 23rd
Flower shop staff- 1 day in between June 17th – 23rd

Please send headshot, resume and reel.

Thank you!