We are currently casting for the short film “Ligeia”. The film is an adaptation of the short story Ligeia written by Edgar Allen Poe. The film will be shooting in Wilmington, DE later this year for two full production days. Roles are paid. The male lead Graham has been casted.

Synopsis: When a melancholy writer loses his wife to a vicious plague, an unexpected visit from a spirit from his past forces him to come to terms with his own mortality.

Rowena – Mid-late 30’s, any ethnicity. Commanding presence and lovely in her own right. Current wife of Graham, a struggling author. She is headstrong and jealous in nature, unafraid to voice her true feelings of her husband. Dealing with a strange illness, rendering her weak but doesn’t let her condition get in the way of a good party and a good drink.

Ligeia – Mid-late 20’s, any ethnicity. The former wife of Graham. Extremely beautiful. She was the essence of childlike wonder and joy when she was alive. A student and admirer of poetry and the arts, just like her husband. She died unexpectedly many years ago by a strange illness. Has she come back from the dead or is she merely an illusion of Grahams mind?

Please send headshots and/or reels to ligeiathefilm@gmail.com and we will follow up to set up audition times. We look forward to working with you.