SAM (30-35) Lieutenant on the Philadelphia Police force, “Sam” is a functioning alcoholic. Her addiction has led to her making many wrong choices, affecting her life both personally and professionally.

MOB WIFE (25-35) A very attractive Mob Wife. The glitz and glamour of being married to someone “involved” is starting to wear thin with her, as is her husbands lying and infidelity.

STARR: A young woman who makes her living as an exotic dancer. She is starved for love and attention and thinks she has found it with Wolf. However, that may not be the case.

Lonnie Selby: (35-40) African American- A store owner who allows the mob to use his store as a safe house in exchange for much needed funds for him and his family. When he has a change of heart, he puts himself and his family in danger.

D.J.: (35-40) A seasoned Biker who can fly off the handle at any time.

Ministers Daughter: (25-30) A Ministers Daughter who lives at home with her Father and helps him run the School at the Church.

Angel Diaz:(30-35)- Hispanic- A known drug dealer engaged to the Mob boss of New York’s Daughter. His very lucrative business is starting to expand into Frank Gianielli’s territory.