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TIME: FEBRUARY 28 from 3:30 to 5pm

Shoot dates: 14, 20, 21 MARCH 2021

Part descriptions are as follows:
Director Daniels (speaking)
Gender neutral; serious, passionate, determined and commanding; head of the FBI.

Randy Fastball (speaking)
Male, fit, late 30s; aggressive, extroverted; ex-mercinary who enjoys being an enforcer of the law a lot more than working at a fast food restaurant.

The Kid (speaking)
Gender neutral, 18 to early 20s; chews gum, rebel-like personality, full of themselves, smart/tech savvy; ex-mercenary and proud hacker, or so they think.

Death Head (speaking)
Gender-neutral, fit, early 30s; eccentric, oblivious, blunt; ex-mercenary mourning a successful government career.

Jane America (speaking)
Female, fit, early 30s; practical, persistent; the leader of the group of ex-mercenaries, always trying to keep her team together.

Assistant (speaking)
Gender-neutral, mid-20s; mousy, nervous; assistant to Director Daniels.

Mother (speaking)
Female, late 20s to early 30s; sweet, friendly; visiting a fast food restaurant with her child.

Thief (speaking)
Gender-neutral; aggressive but foolish; attempts to rob a fast food restaurant.

Manager (speaking)
Gender-neutral, small build, 30s; passionate about their company’s reputation, sleazy/power-hungry; manager of the fast food restaurant.

Professor Martin (speaking)
Gender-neutral, mid-30s to early 40s; intelligent, practical; professor of a university computer coding class.

Student #1 (speaking)
Gender-neutral, 18 to early 20s; computer science student.

Principal Stevens (speaking)
Woman, mid-30s to early 40s; caring, passionate about her job; principal of a small-town high school.

Superintendent Nichols (speaking)
Gender-neutral, late 40s; superintendent of a small-town school district.