Film Title: We’re Sorry We’re Not Available Now (‘We’re Sorry’ for short)
Contact Thomas Sinclair

Expected Shooting Dates: August 21 and 22. October 23 and 24

Film Description:
We’re Sorry We’re Not Available Now is a new short film that tells the humorous turned harrowing story of arrogant college fool Bart, who reflects on why his seemingly perfect relationship fell apart. An absurd rom-com facade corrodes into something far darker as Bart soon appears to not be who he seems. Told through fast-paced dialogue, creative story structure, and intense visual metaphor. ‘Were Sorry’ is a comedy-turned horror story that delves into the psychology of abusers and the culture that perpetuates them.

Character: Diana
Age: 18-28
Diana is a college student who has a biting sense of humor and an empathetic passion for the environment. She quickly falls in love with Bart who does nothing but idolizes the idea of her. Eventually leading to a toxic relationship when she fails to live up to his monolithic expectations. Diana is a character with two different performances. One is the actual person, intelligent, witty, and caring to a fault. The other is Bart’s perception of her, a one-dimensional caricature who is more of an idea than a person. Diana’s arc is that she realizes that this relationship isn’t loving and must face her abuser, ultimately cutting him off after one traumatic night. We’re looking for an actress who has experience or interest in both comedic and dramatic work.

Character: Ronald Thunderpants
Age: 24-60
A bald American Podcast Host. Runs a podcast with Alex Slytherin as a guest. Looking for an actor.

Character: Alex Slytherin
Age: 22-60
Slicked black hair. Holds outdated conservative opinions. If you can do either a good Heath Ledger’s Joker or Ben Shapiro impression this is the perfect role for you.

Character: Tanner
Age: 18-26
A college frat boy. Often the voice of reason.

Character: Lucas
Age: 18-26
A college frat boy. Unlike Tanner, Lucas has a brain the size of a walnut.

Character: 1920s Mugger
Age: 18-100
Yeah, it’s a 1920s gangster. Must be able to perform or willing to learn a ‘mid-Atlantic accent’.

If you are interested in any role please shoot an email to: specifying what role/roles you desire and we can send you a copy of the script to audition for. Thank you so much!