We are a production company located in the New York and greater Philadelphia area.
We are recent graduates of Maggie Flanigan Studio & Temple University. For this short film series, we are teaming up with the production company Spruce Media. In the past 5 years, we have created short films, music videos, and documentaries together. For this short film series, we plan to create a collection of 3-5 minute films that will be posted to Youtube.

Bad Seed Description: Dot, an elderly woman tends to her garden. She speaks to her flowers as she replants them. The story takes a deadly turn when it is revealed that Dot killed her neighbor’s son.


Charlie: 6 to 12 years old, any gender. Sweet, naive, gentle-looking child. Must look innocent and good-natured.

Dot: 50-80-year-old woman. A sweet old woman, who’s a bit out there, and dedicates her life to her flowers.

Kristine: 30-40-years-old woman, mother of Charlie.